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Marketing Automation
Manage all your marketing channels effortlessly at single place.
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How it Works?
Manage all your marketing channels effortlessly at single place.
Marketing Automation For
Better Conversion
Customer Data Platform
Auto Lead Capture - Facebook Ads, Google Ads, 3rd party websites​​
Software integration – website, android, iOS, CRM, etc. ​​
User analytics charts & reports ​​
User segmentation by user details & user behaviour details​​
User management with custom permissions​​​
User Segmentation
User segmentation by user details & user behaviour details.​
Live segment & static segment​​​​​
Workflow & Campaign Management
Highly customizable drip marketing workflow builder
Virtual Site Visits for International Clients​​
Campaign Management
Campaign Targets & Tracking/Reports​​​
Template Builder​
Easy to use drag & drop template builder​
Create most personalised content
Create any type of responsive template of any size​​​​
WhatsApp/SMS Marketing
Fully automated Whatsapp/SMS Marketing​​​
Bulk Whatsapp/SMS Marketing​​​​​​​
Whatsapp/SMS Marketing Advance Tracking & Analytics reports​
Customizable Whatsapp/SMS template builder - with free templates
Email Marketing​
Fully automated Email Marketing
Bulk Email Marketing
Email Marketing Advance Tracking & Analytic reports​​​
Email template builder - with free templates​​
Web & App Push Marketing
Automated Web/App Push Marketing​​​
Web/App Push Marketing​​​​​
Web/App Push Marketing Advance Tracking & Analytic reports​
Customizable Web/App Push template builder - with free templates​​
Web & App Personalisation
Fully automated Web/App Personalization Marketing​​​
Web/App Personalization Marketing Advance Tracking & Analytic reports ​​​​​
Customizable Web/App Personalization template builder - with free templates​
Facebook & Google Ads
Connected Facebook Adverts Tracking - Auto CPL calculations & Dashboards​​​
Connected Google Adwords Tracking - Auto CPL calculations & Dashboards ​​​​​
Look Alike Audience Management with Adwords & Facebook
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professionals to help you with solutions relevant to your business.
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